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Requires Premium Plan

This feature of Shivtr is only available to Premium subscribers and this site is using our Free, Ad-Supported Option.

  • How can I upgrade the site to a Premium subscription?
    Only the site owner may upgrade the site to a Premium plan. To do so they would visit the the Billing tab of the Site Admin.
  • My site was a premium subscription, why am I seeing this?
    If you are the owner and did not cancel your subscription, your subscription may have been automatically cancelled due to failed payments or an expired credit card. Please check your payment info, and then reactivate your subscription from the Billing tab of your Site Admin.
  • What if the site owner has left the site?
    If the site owner has stopped playing or quit the guild/site and other members wish to continue the site we may be able to transfer ownership to them with the owner's permission; please email our staff at