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First the backstory ...
Ezra Chatterton was 10 years old and played WoW with his father Micah. Ezra had a brain tumor. The Make a Wish Foundation was able to grant Ezra his "wish" which was to design a character in WoW. He spent a couple days at the Blizz fortress and worked with Jeff Kaplan and designed an NPC. Ezra died on Oct 20, 2008. Edit: If you've found and fed a dog named Kyle in Bloodhoof Village in Mulgore, guess what? That's Ezra's dog. Merciless Gladiator's Crossbow of the Phoenix is the crossbow he designed.

Big Red Kitty organized an event to honor Ezra.

He wanted an army of level 1 Taurens to assault Stormwind. He recruited some help from a Horde guild on Argent Dawn to escort the baby cows. He asked that everyone donate to Make a Wish. He thought it would be really cool if some Alliance on Argent Dawn organized the defense of Stormwind.

The only problem was that everyone loved it and apparently, everyone showed up. The final tally ... 897 level 1 tauren, 55 level 70s, 30-40 mixed 50ish hordies and an estimated 300 Alliance guarding Stormwind, mostly 70s.

Needless to say, the server was not prepared. Crash. Argent Dawn fell down and went boom. Nearly 1000 toons all in one location was far too much for the server to handle, let alone any PvP combat that would have occurred. GMs started contacting people and asking them to disperse. BRK gracefully bowed out and called it off.

Some video and images on BRK's website. Pretty amazing stuff. Ever see 300 taruen females line dancing?

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That's awesome.

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THAT is the sort of thing that sets WoW apart from every other game.
I'll have to show that to my wife the next time she trys to tell me that you can't really be friends with people that you know solely from playing WoW
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Mac, that's like saying you can't actually be friends with a pen pal. We talk to each other regularly, engage in team sports & care about each other's lives.

That was an awesome tribute. I'm sure BRK contacted Blizz before he did it, as there's at least a rumor that they can boost server resources when they know a big player event is going on (Rok contacted them before the big Horde raid on IF back in the day)but the turn out surely blew away anything they expected.

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