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To create a macro, go into the options menu (or type /macro) then click "Macros" and then click "New" and then choose a name for your macro and an icon for it (if you don't want to look for an icon then choose the question mark and it will automatically choose an icon for you, usually depending on if there's a spell in your macro) then input your macro into the window provided.


I'll start it off with:

Random Mount Macro (for WoW version 3.0.X) (copy the following line into your macro window and alter according to the instructions explained afterward):

/run local t if IsMounted() then Dismount() return end if (not IsModifierKeyDown()) then t={a,b,c} else t={d,e,f,g} end CallCompanion("MOUNT",t[random(#t)])

Random Mount Macro explanation and alteration instructions (an explanation of how this random mount macro works and how to alter it for your own evil purposes):

It runs primarily on wow's built in command jargon.

The "/run" command runs whatever you place after it.

The "local t" statement tells WoW that you want to create a local variable called "t".

The "if IsMounted() then Dismount() return end" statement asks WoW if you are mounted or not and then if you are mounted then it tells WoW to dismount you, otherwise if you are unmounted then that statement leaves you as you are.

The "if (not IsModifierKeyDown()) then t={a,b,c}" part asks WoW if you do not have a modifier key pressed down while you are using this macro. If you do not have one pressed down it then it tells WoW to make the local variable "t" = whatever you change the designators "a" "b" "c" etc. to be, that is, the letters are meant in this generic representation of this macro to stand in for numbers which in turn correspond to the number of which mount you want the macro call up (for example set this first group of numbers equal to the numbers of the flying mounts you own that you want this macro to call up randomly).

As to the number designations themselves, look in your "Pet" tab and click on your "Mount" tab the first mount on the first page is designated mount number "1" so if you want the first mount on the first page to be called up when you are in a flyable area where you can fly in then switch the designator "a" in the example macro with the number "1" and so on, adding other flying mounts in between the two {} brackets separated by commas (it can be just one if you only have 1 flying mount).

The reference numbers of the mounts continue in order from 1-12 on the first page and from 13-24 on the second and so on. Note that if you get more mounts it may alter the numeration of other mounts that you have so you may have to alter this macro afterwards (making sure the correct numbers correspond to the correct mounts etc.)

The "else t={d,e,f,g} end" part of the macro tells WoW to make "t" equal d,e,f, and g (again corresponding to whatever reference numbers of however many mounts you want to include in the macro in this second pool of numbers that will be called up randomly if you have a modifier depressed at the same time as you're pressing the macro). This second set of numbers can be where you put the number designations of for example the ground mounts you wish to include in your macro.

The last part of the macro "CallCompanion("MOUNT",t[random(#t)])" actually calls the mount up based on a random roll out of the pool of numbers that the local variable "t" ends up being with regards to whether you're in a flyable or non flyable area.

[note: I altered it from what I had originally since after I copied the macro from someone else and tried it out, it didn't work in a place where it was flyable but where you either didn't have flying ability in the area in question, or you were in Dalaran where it is considered flyable but they don't let you ride flying mounts in the city itself. So, the compromise is to add a modifier instead of having the macro decide (very obtusely) whether to call up a flying or non flying mount. It has you decide where to put your pool of flying mounts and non flying mounts and which way you want to press the macro button (i.e. with or without a modifier) in order to choose flying or non flying. In other words, I had the user choose instead of the computer so there are no errors except for when you yourself call the wrong mount up.]
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alt-F4 takes high def screenies :D
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