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Thank you for your interest in Corpus Vile.

If you are applying for a "Closed" class, it does not mean denial. We review every application.

Applications which aren't completely filled out will result in a denial.

- Title of your post should be in this format: [Class-Spec] Name
- Copy and paste the following into a new thread.
- Be patient as it may take a few days to review & reply.

Please read the Charter and Raid Policies. Applying to CV indicates that you have read and agree to follow these policies.

Our raid days/times are: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 7:00pm to 10:00pm SERVER TIME (US Central) We REQUIRE that all raiders are at a minimum able to listen on our Ventrilo server. Anyone aspiring to act as a group leader needs to be able to speak on Vent as well.

Your Name:
Age/Gender/Time Zone:
Main Character:

Race, Class, Level:
Link Your Armory:
Do you have the gear to support another spec, and if so which one(s)/Are you dual specced?

Does anyone else share your account?

1.) What is your raid availability? Be Specific.

2.) What Raiding Experience do you have?

3.) What is your current Internet connection and your average latency?

4.) What raiding restrictions do you have? Activities (including seasonal), life aggro (parent/significant other/spouse/work/children/pet/other), etc.

5.) Why are you applying to CV?

6.) Do you know anyone in CV?

7.) Where were you guilded previously and under what circumstances did you leave?

8.) Do you have any questions or comments for us?

Just For Fun: What kind of alcoholic beverage do you drink and what do you like on your pizza?

After being accepted into Corpus Vile, a forum account will be made for you. It is your responsibility as a member to utilize our forums daily for guild updates, information and general BSing. If you have questions or comments you would rather not post, please contact Kwatee, Skullnick, Bovox or Rhya. Thanks!
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