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Technobabble (Alliance)

Reduce Latency in WOW

Watch this video Link It explains very well how to reduce latency in WOW. It will also speed up all of your web based applications (email, IE, Firefox other online games). I have been testing for the last 4 days and have seen no problems. I am ...
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Htead350Small Htead 12y
Technobabble (Alliance)

Blu-Ray War

Might not be as over, as we originally thought! I have been trolling the web looking for a blue ray addon for my xbox360, haven’t been able to find anything other than rumors, suggesting this summer, others guessing Christmas. Talking to a co-wo...
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Technobabble (Alliance)

Interesting Dish netwok Fact

We have been Dish network customers for years. Just upgraded to hi-def dvr, and found out that you can hookup a, as big as a 750g external hard drive to increase the capacity of the dvr. The down side to this is, you can only hookup 1 hard drive,...
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