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Donations & Removals

1.) The bank will accept all items except grey/white items that are not used for rep.
2.) All bank items must be purchased by the character that will use them.
3.) Monetary donations are welcome!
4.) Any Officer MAIN can remove items from the bank for guild member use. Admin Alts do not have access to withdrawals.

Note: All items donated to the guild bank become property of the guild and are not refundable.

*Terms are subject to change. Any changes will be announced before becoming effective.*

**We will be able to give loans for regular mounts repayable at a rate to be determined based upon the amount borrowed. However, doing so is at the discretion of the Guild Admin and is not a guaranteed benefit. **

The bank will not donate money to a member to purchase superior or epic quality recipes from the AH. This is the individual's responsibility.

Enchanting Materials
Materials for an enchant that is necessary for raiding will be free to guild members. Tips paid to a non-guild enchanter will be reimbursed as follows:

- Raider – 100% reimbursement of tip *
- Non-raider – 25% reimbursement of tip *

*Screen shot required.

A reimbursement is given to non-raiders on the tip, as it is in the best interest of the guild to have as many people able to step into raids as possible.

Item Prices
All items must be bound on purchase and cannot be resold!! If any member is found to be abusing the guild bank in any form, the appropriate actions will be taken.

Prices are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the guild administration.

Green /Blue Items
Level 1 -70 -2X vendor price
Level 70 - 80 – 3X vendor price

Purple Items
Level 1-70 – 3X Vendor Price
Level 70-80 – 4X vendor price

Misc. Items
Miscellaneous items will be 2X vendor price. If there is no vendor price, the item will be priced at 20% of the Allakhazam/AH price, provided that price is not inflated.

Abyss Crystals: 50% AH or Allakhazam price, whichever is cheaper at the time the bank is online.

Non-Max level Darkmoon Fair cards – 2g
Non-Max level Darkmoon Ace cards – 5g or free IF you have all the other cards.
Max Level Darkmoon Fair cards – 15% AH or Allakhazam price, whichever is cheaper.
Max Level Darkmoon Ace cards – 25% AH or Allakhazam price, whichever is cheaper.

Profession Items
All profession ITEMS will be 25% of the AH or Allakhazam price, whichever is cheaper. **

All profession RECIPES will be 50% of the AH or Allakhazam price, whichever is cheaper. **

**This applies to profession items being used to level your profession, not to enhance your character for guild raiding.**