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Corpus Vile is an established Horde guild on the Rexxar (CST) server, founded in July of 2006. We aren’t a hardcore guild as we realize that life comes before a game, but we do raid & have maintained a solid level of progression while still honoring our members out of game lives. We aren’t ‘just a guild’ – we’re a family.

It is our aim to provide our members with the ability to see all game content in a healthy, mature, friendly, and fun environment without the “Raid or Die” mentality. We do however expect our raiding members to live up to certain standards, which are set forth in our Raiding Policies section.

General Guild Rules & Code of Conduct

1.) Be courteous and respectful to your guild mates at all times.
We're a pretty relaxed bunch, and we like to have fun. We are also proud of our reputation as a mature, good natured guild. Please keep this in mind when interacting with other players. When you wear the CV tabard/guild tag, you represent us all.

We try to maintain a respectful guild chat, but we are an adult guild with adult language. Any misuse or overuse of offensive language will result in a warning from an Officer. Due to this environment, we prefer not to accept raiding members who are under 18 or friends & family members who are under 16. If a raiding member falsifies their age on their application & it is revealed that they are under 18, they will be immediately removed from the guild.

At no time are slurs related to someone’s race, religion or sexual orientation acceptable. While a word may not seem disrespectful in one person’s range of experience, it may be extremely disrespectful in another's. Our guild covers a wide range of ages & experience & when in doubt, it is better to err on the side of caution.

2.) Be accountable.
If you say you’re going to do something, do it. If you say you’re going to be somewhere, be there. Real Life happens & absolutely takes precedence. We simply ask that you communicate as best you can so we know if we need to make alternate arrangements…and if we need to worry. There are moms in this guild after all. :)


Please be sure to read the Ventrilo box when you log onto Vent to see if there are any new updates to our Vent policies. Any questions or inquiries should be directed to Djuna/Rhya.

Guild Infractions

We have a “three strikes, you’re out” policy. This ‘policy’ is how we decide what to do when bad, negative, or disrespectful behavior (as described briefly above) occurs. Screenshots of the infraction are always recommended to “prove” the person in question infraction(s) to the guild policies.

Warning 1: A guild administrator will talk to the offender (and/or the person who reported the infraction), remind said person of the guild policy regarding such behavior, and tell them that this is their first warning.

Warning 2: Depending on the severity of the infraction, 2 things can happen here. 1) There will be another verbal warning given, with a citation of guild policy regarding behavior, and a removal of raiding privileges for 1 week. 2) Immediate guild removal. Guild removal at this stage will only happen with the GM’s approval.

Warning 3: Immediate guild removal. If the behavior is still occurring, then it always will and the person in question is no longer welcome in the guild. The GM has final approval before guild removal.

Contacting an Officer: It might be tempting to always take one’s problems directly to the guild master, as this is the person with the highest authority in the guild, however doing so results in a burned out GM who never actually gets to play the game. We have a strong officer core, any member of which will be happy to help you resolve inter-guild conflict, however we would prefer it if you would take your issues first to a Captain. If this person is unresponsive, or if the problem is with a Captain, please contact an AGM. If the AGM is unresponsive or the problem is with an AGM, please contact the GM.

Raid Favoritism Allegations: This guild knows and trusts its Officers to make the right decisions for its raiding group. If you have a problem, or feel an Officer may be showing favoritism, please bring it to the GM’s attention immediately and be ready to provide screenshots for loot situations & other evidence if the situation is not loot related.

Raiders will be recruited as necessary to ensure that we can fill our raids. Additionally the "Friends & Family" rule applies to Real Life friends and family of guild members. The guild member who is asking for a Real Life friend to join must have at least 1 month vested into to the guild. Immediate family members may be guilded at any time. Real life friends and family members will undergo the same 2 week trial period as all new members do, and must follow all guild policies.

The Alt Policy
All members are allowed to have unlimited numbers of alts in the guild. Alts who are not logged in after a four week (4) period will be removed. If you wish to have them guilded again, it is with the understanding that they will be played and may be re-invited. Alts who have achieved “Raid Ready” status may only receive raid loot if there are no Mains who want the item or the item will be sharded.

As a word of caution, alts belonging to other guilds may divide your precious playing time and weaken, or possibly jeopardize, your position within all guilds you may be involved in. Maintaining membership in CV & any other guild must be approved by an officer.

The Website
All CV members are required to have an account on our website & all raiding members are required to visit the site no less than once per week. Our raiding strategies are posted on this site & it is important to our success in raiding that members visit at least the strategy sections regularly.