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(Jan 01, 2011)
Happy New Year! Trying to make a slight WOW comeback, hope to see you ingame.
(Dec 28, 2010)
Punt the goblins!
(Dec 28, 2010)
I hear goblins work well too, and they blow up upon impact. :)
(Dec 27, 2010)
ah the joys of gnome punting
(Dec 23, 2010)
To all of my CV friends have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. If a gnome lock /waves to you say Hi, please don't punt.
(Dec 07, 2010)
Hi! I actually logged on and played last night! And still love the art too much not to at least occasionally!
(Dec 06, 2010)
the world is broken
(Dec 02, 2010)
Hi mac
(Dec 02, 2010)
LOL- hi guys! I was going to do the whole theme, but it looked weird and I don't feel like messing with it. :)
(Dec 02, 2010)
It is good to see the Christmas theme back :)
(Dec 02, 2010)
(Dec 02, 2010)
I am online. Hi everyone!
(Nov 22, 2010)
I am back .. at least for a while ... toon still on Rexxar still in CV colors :)
(Nov 22, 2010)
(Nov 09, 2010)
(Nov 04, 2010)
The Cataclysm is coming.
(Oct 26, 2010)
If you won't be in-game...just send me a PM and I'll check back. :)
(Oct 26, 2010)
Hey Mac - when you haev a chance...can you get a hold of me in-game?
(Oct 26, 2010)
That sounds like it sucks. Hope you're doing better.
(Oct 25, 2010)
I just got out of the hospital with pancreatitis. I highly recommend avoiding that.