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(Jun 18, 2010)
(Jun 17, 2010)
(Jun 11, 2010)
No...still trying. :P
(May 31, 2010)
So I just have one question...did you (i.e., the guild) win this game yet?
(May 21, 2010)
LOST series finale on Sunday. Anyone else watching?
(May 13, 2010)
A buddy gave me his SC2 key (he has a Mac, and they only had PC beta open at that time), then I got my own invite, and now they told me I can invite a friend
(May 12, 2010)
I sold my beta key for SC2. Doing the WotLK Beta killed the game for me when it came out and I don't want a repeat of that. Besides the money I got for the key paid for the collectors edition and then some.
(May 10, 2010)
I'm playing the SC2 beta right now, got an extra invite if someone is interested
(May 06, 2010)
Lots of Cataclysm info coming out!
(May 04, 2010)
Anyone else going to be playing StarCraft 2 this July?
(Apr 11, 2010)
in the butt?
(Apr 08, 2010)
what what?!
(Apr 07, 2010)
hey, so i got a free week... lol
(Apr 01, 2010)
Come back Barkle....come back!
(Apr 01, 2010)
That was awesome Mac. Saving forever.
(Mar 30, 2010)
Feeling a pull ...
(Mar 29, 2010)
mmm . . . cake
(Mar 27, 2010)
it's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake
(Mar 19, 2010)
mmm . . . bacon