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(Nov 22, 2009)
Just for Meleve....
(Nov 20, 2009)
I check here once a week too :)
(Nov 20, 2009)
no drainei on a plate?
(Nov 19, 2009)
The lights are always on....and I still check here!
(Nov 17, 2009)
It has been quite around here but I guess the lights are still on if people decide to return to Wow and CV
(Nov 17, 2009)
I check in daily. I just don't have much to say.
(Nov 17, 2009)
hey, I'm here every morning.
(Nov 16, 2009)
the apparent death of the CV forums :(
(Nov 16, 2009)
why are we in mourning?
(Nov 16, 2009)
what are we /mourning?
(Nov 15, 2009)
(Nov 06, 2009)
I'm liking Win7 so far. I haven't really put it to the test yet, so we'll see. Soon.
(Nov 05, 2009)
Win 7 rocks.... at least compared to Vista
(Nov 03, 2009)
uh oh, Thanksgiving means it's almost time for seductive drainei on a plate . . .
(Nov 02, 2009)
this is NOT halloween. nor is it thanksgiving. just had to represent for all the grinches
(Oct 31, 2009)
Happy Halloween all!!
(Oct 30, 2009)
Now I'm rocking Windows 7. We'll see how that goes.
(Oct 27, 2009)
I had to reinstall Vista, but I didn't lose any files, so that's cool. At least that makes it a nuisance, instead of a royal pain since I still have my docs, movies, music, etc.
(Oct 26, 2009)
Happy Birthday Meleve!
(Oct 26, 2009)
so.... how old are you in laptop years?